The City of Natalia implemented a Drought Management Plan to include implementation of drought stage conditions and restrictions. 

Current Stage:  As of today, no restrictions apply.

Please click on the link below to review drought stage restrictions:

Drought Management Restrictions

Year after year, the City struggled with providing the community with a sufficient amount of water supply to support its needs; especially when the City’s permitted water rights is reduced during drought conditions as an Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) restriction, essentially having to lease water from other permit-holders.  However, City Council determined that for long-term planning, investing funds to purchase additional water rights was best to maintain the current needs of the community, and while looking forward to growth.  The city’s authorized water permit with EAA effectively increased from 266.667 to 326.667 acre-feet of water.  Consumers, please keep in mind, that Drought Stage Conditions do impact and limit the amount of acre-feet the city, in its entirety, is allowed to use while drought stage restrictions apply.  The lower the aquifer level drops, the less amount of water the City is able to pump for usage; that is why it is very important for all consumers to conserve.  Customers, also keep in mind, that if the Edward Aquifer levels reach below 640-feet, we’ve now stepped into Drought Stage 3, and Drought Surcharges will apply to all residential customers consuming more than 10,000 gallons per month.