The City Council approved for replacement of all residential water meters of the city.  The city had a water loss study performed last year, and evidence supports this project as top priority which is also included in the City’s working Master Plan.  Aging water meters play a major factor in water loss, along with pipe line breaks and leaks; as meters get older, they register slower and ultimately come to a stop when they’ve reached their lifespan. Aging meters cause consumers to believe their water usage has decreased, when in fact it hasn’t, the meter itself has slowed or stopped registering the actual usage accurately.  Ultimately, replacing all water meters is a solution for reducing the amount of water and revenue lost; the replacement may, or may not, affect you.

Beginning Monday, September 24, 2018 a City-wide Water Meter Replacement will be conducted throughout the city for all residential customers. 


  1. The water meter replacement program is outsourced with Hydro-Pro Solutions, through M&E Contractors, who will be working rapidly to ensure all residential meters are replaced and accurate data is collected in a timely manner. 

  2. You may experience a short interruption in water services while meters are being replaced.  

  3. Once meters are installed and services are re-established, you may also experience air in the lines, that cause pockets of water to erupt through your service line when water is turned on within your household; this may also cause a blurred, or white discoloration in your water that will eventually settle and return back to normal.

  4. Hydro-Pro Solutions estimates a week’s timeframe to complete this project; however, this is dependent on the weather.

  5. RESIDENTAL GARBAGE CUSTOMERS - Bulk curbside pickup also starts this week; we ask that you do not cover the water meters will bulky items, this will delay the process.

If you continue to experience these issues after your meter has been changed out, please contact the City Office at 830-663-2926 to report your problems.

This conversion will not affect the billing cycle, and will remain the same; example: September 15th - October 15th will be billed out on November 1st; payments still remain due by or before November 15th without penalty; final date to make timely payment is the 25th before 4:30pm; all customers with balances thereafter will have a $30.00 untimely payment fee added, and may be disconnected.