The City of Natalia City Council authorized the City Administrator to submit, and commit funds, for the filing of an application to Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs  to engage in the Texas Home Investment Partnership RSP Agreement for the city’s participation in the HOME Program.

The City of Natalia and Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs has recently engaged in the Home Investment Partnership Program Reservation System Participation Agreement #2019-0003.  (HUD Entity Type: State Recipient, TDHCA Award Year: 2019)

With the City of Natalia participating in the HOME Program, this will allow for rehabilitation/reconstruction of several homes for eligible persons within the city limits of Natalia. 


  1. Are the owner and occupant of the home to be assisted;

  2. Your home is located within the city limits of Natalia;

  3. Have no restrictions or encumbrances or liens that would unuly restrict the good and marketable nature of the ownership interest;

  4. Are not delinquent on property taxes;

  5. Have a household annual income of less than the following:  1 PERSON $39,350 / 2 PERSON $44,950 / 3 PERSON $50,550 / 4 PERSON $56,150 / 5 PERSON $60,650 / 6 PERSON $65,150 / 7 PERSON $69,650 / 8 PERSON $74,150

If you fit the criteria, please apply.  Applications are available for the next 30-days to pickup at Natalia City Hall, 2078 State Hwy 132 N., Natalia, Texas 78059; or may downloaded from links below.

Applications will only be accepted when all required documentation is completed and submitted to Lisa Hernandez, City Administrator.  Applicants will be required to give permission for the verification of all information received.  All questions or concerns related to your application shall be referred to Karen Rego or Jessica Brickford, with Langford Community Management Services, at (512) 452-0432.