Effective June 1, 2006, the cost of building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits will be $50.00 + $40.00 per inspection as required.Each Permit expires 6 months from the date it is pulled. If inspection does not pass you will be required to pay $ 40.00 again. 

Home Builder's permit will require 7 inspections as follows: 

1. Examination of plans, specifications and plot plan 

2. Rough-in of plumbing inspections: To be made after all drain, water and vent piping and fittings below grade are installed and water filled. This inspection is required before any covering or backfill is done. 1 extra inspection will be required for the sewer and water tap connections. 

3. Foundation inspection: To be made after trenches are excavated, forms erected, copper or synthetic pex installed for water, electrical in slab, poly vapor barrier and all steel installed. Be certain that all steel is blocked up in beams and on mat. Be certain that all copper or synthetic pex water lines in the slab are put in a black coil sleeve. No copper or pex is to be exposed in slab. 

4. Framing inspection: To be made after the roof decking and felt paper installed, all framing completed, fire-blocking and bracing is in place, all electrical wiring installed, all copper sweated and vents topped out and tubes set, A/C ducts installed and any other piping and vents necessary. Be certain that all electrical wiring is no smaller than a 12 and all wiring is copper and this includes lead-ins. DO NOT insulate or sheet-rock until after inspection is made. 

5. Driveway and sidewalk inspections: To be made before any concrete is poured. All must be reinforced with gauge wire in heavy land and 10 gauge wire in sandy land. If they touch any concrete, dowels #3 must be used every 24 inches. Also any curbs and concrete parking must also be inspected. 

6. Sewer tap or septic system inspection: Sewer taps must conform to City Code and septic systems must conform to county health requirements. Both must be inspected before covering. 

7. Final Inspection: To be made after the building is complete and ready for occupancy. 

A plot plan and set of plans and specifications, drawn to scale with sufficient clarity and detail to indicate the nature and character of the work, shall accompany every application. Upon approval of the plans by the building inspector and payment of the required fee, a permit will be issued. NO work shall commence before the issuance of a permit. Work shall not be done on any part of a building or structure beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining the written approval of the Building Inspector. If more than (7) inspections are required, the additional cost shall be the responsiblity of the contractor or owner. Upon final inspection and approval, a Certificate of Occupancy with be issued. Small storage buildings 6x6 or smaller will be charged $25.00 per permit + $40.00 for an inspection. 

The fee for issuing a Certificate of Occupancy for a new business is $20.00 + $40.00 for an inspection. 

Where construction has started before permit is obtained, the permit fess will be DOUBLED. 

All contractors must present their current TRCC card before a permit will be issued on any work in excess of $20,000.00 and/or modification of an existing home that either increases or decreases the home's square feet of living space or material improvement on a home. 

A structure-moving permit must be obtained and an inspection made prior to moving a building on to property in The City of Natalia. The cost of the permit is $40.00 if it is local and $65.00 if out of town plus $1.00 per mile one way. A builder's permit must be obtained at the time the building is moved in and inspections made as required. 

Contractors are required to provide a chemical toliet for workmen. 

The City of Natalia utilizes the IBCCI (International Building Codes Congress International). 

A 24 hour notice on all inspections is required. 

Any questions or to schedule an inspection, you may contact us at (830) 663-2926.