The City of Natalia contracts it's Building Permit Reviews and Inspections with BUREAU VERITAS. 

All permit documents and fees are collected by the City, then issued to Bureau Veritas to complete the plan review, permit issuance and inspection process.  Bureau Veritas will conduct the review, and contact the Applicant(s) or Contractor(s) if revisions, or clarifications are needed.


Plan Review & Inspection Department: To check the status of your permit, or request for an Inspection - Call (817) 335-8111 or Toll-Free at (877)837-8775.

Inspections Department Fax Line:  Submittal of Inspection documents may be faxed to (817) 335-8110 or Toll-Free at (877) 837-8859. 

Inspections Department Email:  Submittal of Inspection documents may also be emailed to:

All FORMS and related documents pertaining to the type of permit you're needing is provided at the bottom of this page under the "Building Permit Forms & Regulations" section.  Please be sure to comply with the Permit Submittal Requirements listed for your specific project, and supply adequate number of plans necessary. 


  1. All persons are required to contact the city for any construction, installation, or connection projects to determine zoning, building regulations and permits required.

  2. All contractors must register with the City of Natalia before performing any work within city limits.

  3. Electricians and Plumbers must have their State Masters License.

  4. Electrical or Plumbing work done by a property owner in a building owned and declared as owner’s homestead is exempt from the license and registration requirements.


Before a building permit will be approved, all plans and documents related to the permit application must be approved by the Building Department.  Approved permits must be picked up at the City Hall prior to work beginning and retained on site during construction.  Permit becomes void if construction does not commence within six (6) months from date of application.

The permit fee (Building Permit, Plan Review, and Inspection) must be paid upon submission of the building permit application for all construction.  All permit fees are non-refundable.  Where construction work has started or proceeded prior to obtaining a permit, the fees specified shall be doubled, and the payment of such fee shall not relieve any persons from fully complying with the requirements of the adopted codes in the execution of the work nor from any other penalties prescribed herein. 

All Permits expire within six (6) months, unless permit is for new home construction or commercial building construction which expires within one (1) year.

All Plans must provide accurate setback distance from each building and square footage of unoccupied yard; this may require property owners to obtain a survey and/or re-platting of lot(s). Setback requirements are provided at the bottom of this page under the "Building Permit Forms & Regulations" section.


All persons planning to build a new home within the city limits must submit the following before permits are issued:

  • Plat Plans – displaying subdivision, block, lot, address, property lines

  • Site Plans – to scale showing proposed structure, existing structures, property lines, setbacks

  • Blue Prints/Drawings – to scale showing exterior elevations, floor plans, electrical plans, wall sections, specifications, and engineer certified foundation plans

  • Pay Permit, Plan Review and Inspection Fees

Upon Plan Approval, the following Permits & Inspections must be paid before any work is started:

  • Cost of Building Permit is determined by number of total square feet.

  • Cost of Inspection Fee is determined by valuation of total building construction.


All contractors must register with the City of Natalia before performing any work within the city limits.  Electricians and Plumbers must have their State Masters License.  Each contractor will need to register with the city before the building permit will be issued.  (This entails supplying the city with a copy of your pocket card where you are registered within the state of Texas, a copy of a valid drivers license, and certificate of general liability insurance.) 

Contractor Registration Form - All Contractors must complete this form, provide copy of their State License, Drivers License, and General Liability Ins.


Residential Forms:

Commercial Forms:

The City has Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, visit the Planning & Zoning page for more information.

*Please contact the City Office if the information you are searching for is not listed: 830-665-2206.