The City of Natalia has codified all City ordinances. You are now able to access the ordinances currently enforced by the City online at:

  •  or by clicking on the following link:  CODIFIED CITY ORDINANCES

City Boundaries and ETJ Map

City of Natalia Zoning Ordinance - Zoning Map

Ordinances pertaining to animals

City of Natalia Subdivision Ordinance


The following Ordinances were recently adopted by City Council but are currently Un-Codified.

Ordinance No. 16-0815-1; Establishing a No Parking Zone along North Bound portions of State Right-of-Way at the Intersection of FM-471 and Hwy.132 (adopted 8/15/2016)

Ordinance No. 16-0815-2; Authorizing the City's Code Enforcement and Animal Control Officer to Issue Citations for Violations of the City's Ordinances (adopted 8/15/2016)

Ordinance No. 16-0919-3; Amending the City's Utility Rates, garbage services (adopted 9/19/2016)

Ordinance No. 16-0919-1; Adopting the City's Annual Budgets for FY 2016-2017 (adopted 9/19/2016)

Ordinance No. 16-0919-2; Adopting the City's Tax Rate for Tax Year 2016 (adopted 9/19/2016)

Ordinance No. 16-1017-1; Adopting the new hours for the One-Way School Zone (adopted 10/17/2016)

Ordinance No. 16-1219-1; Adopting a School Zone Signal (adopted 12/19/2016)

Ordinance No. 17-0305-1; Adopting a 5-Year Utility Rate Structure Plan (adopted 3/20/2017)

Ordinance No. 17-0320-2; Adopting a Capital Improvements Program Procedure and CIP Fee (adopted 3/20/2017)

Ordinance No. 17-0619-1; Adopting Budget Amendments for FY 2016-2017 (adopted 6/19/2017)

Ordinance No. 17-0906-1; Adopting the City's Annual Budget for FY 2017-2018 (adopted 9/06/2017)