The City of Natalia has codified all City ordinances. You are now able to access the ordinances currently enforced by the City online at:

  •  or by clicking on the following link:  CODIFIED CITY ORDINANCES

City Boundaries and ETJ Map

1996 City of Natalia Zoning Ordinance - Zoning Map

2016 City of Natalia Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Ordinances pertaining to animals

City of Natalia Subdivision Ordinance


The following Ordinances were recently adopted by City Council but are currently Un-Codified.

Ordinance No.18-0514-1; Prohibiting the Use of Hand-Held Communication Devices within a designated School Zone. (adopted 5/14/2018)

Ordinance No.18-05-14-2; Amending Chapter 40 of the Code of Ordinances, relating to Traffic and Vehicle Control Schedules and Restrictions. (adopted 5/14/2018)