The City of Natalia has codified all City ordinances. You are now able to access the ordinances currently enforced by the City online at:


  • or by clicking on the following link: CODIFIED CITY ORDINANCES

City Boundaries and ETJ Map

City of Natalia Subdivision Ordinance (adopted 9/05/2018 - Ordinance No.18-0905-3)

City of Natalia Zoning Ordinance (adopted 10/15/2018 - Ordinance No.18-0905-2)


The following Ordinances were recently adopted by City Council but are currently Un-Codified.

Ordinance No.18-0514-1; Prohibiting the Use of Hand-Held Communication Devices within a designated School Zone. (adopted 5/14/2018)

Ordinance No.18-0514-2; Amending Chapter 40 of the Code of Ordinances, relating to Traffic and Vehicle Control Schedules and Restrictions. (adopted 5/14/2018)

Ordinance No.18-0716-1; Adopting Flood Damage Prevention Regulations designed to minimize flood losses in flood hazard areas; adding sections to Chapter 12 "Emergency Management and Services" of the Code of Ordinances. (adopted 7/17/2018)

Ordinance No. 18-0820-1; Amending the Utility Rate Structure for Garbage Services. (adopted 8/20/18)

Ordinance No.18-0905-1; Cancelling November 2018 General Election for City of Natalia. (adopted 9/05/2018)

Ordinance No.18-0911-1; Amending FY 2017-2018 General and Utility Fund Budgets. (adopted 9/11/2018)

Ordinance No.18-0917-1; Adopting FY 2018-2019 Annual Budgets. (adopted 9/11/2018)

Ordinance No.18-0917-2; Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for FY 2018-2019 (adopted 9/17/2018)

Ordinance No.18-0917-3; Ratifying the Adoption of FY 2018-2019 Annual Budgets. (adopted 9/17/2018)

Ordinance No.18-1015-1; Amending provisions of the Manufactured Housing Ordinance. (adopted 10/22/2018)